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This means she's attracted to a man who is touchy-feely and very generous. If a man is prepared to spend money and woo her with beautiful sweet-smelling flowers, decadent chocolates, high-end gifts, fine wines, and leisurely dining at gourmet restaurants, she'll find him irresistible. A Taurus woman is a town and country lady.

3 Reasons A Female Taurus And Gemini Guy Will Always End In Disaster

She loves the city culture, but she's environmentally conscious, enjoys spending time in nature, and has a longing for a peaceful, quiet, and comfortable country life. So, if you're an outdoors guy and have your eye on a Taurus woman, don't think she's too delicate and feminine to take camping or hiking. If you're successful enough to own a farm or a mountain retreat, all the better. A Taurus woman is attracted to a man who has similar interests. Whether it's a shared interest in the arts, the environment, the epicurean life, or something else, she looks for a man with whom she can have a friendly, stress-free, and harmonious relationship.

A Taurus woman is attracted to a person who is charming, attentive, and chivalrous. When a man courts her, he needs to be gallant and have great patience. She's not a woman who can be hurried, and a man who is gently persistent, affectionate, patient, and doesn't rush things is immensely appealing to her. Superficially pleasantries can help build the foundation for more in-depth conversations with a Taurus woman. How you look matters a lot to a Taurus woman so check yourself out in a mirror and make sure you're impeccably groomed and dressed appropriately, then be relaxed, confident and straightforward, walk up to her, gently touch her arm to get her attention and tell her your name.

After introducing yourself give her a sincere compliment and ask simple questions like, "How are You? The negative point in this match is Taurus possessiveness which might put an end to this match. Taurus has to be careful not to be too possessive if they want their Libra partner to stay with them. Both harbor great ambitions and are very determined in their approaches in life.

Both Taurus and Scorpio have very strong and determined personalities and they have great will power for executing things in life. Taurus is very passionate and Scorpio has insatiable urge for sex and both have an excellent mating in sexual life. Scorpio in nature are possessive and jealous and this could irk and upset the Taurus and resent and make the sulk and go in to their shells and eventually this could lead to the break up of this relationship.

Both have a physical attraction to each other. Taurus is passionate and Sagittarius has uninhibited approach to the love making so physical aspect of this relationship could hardly go wrong. Taurus could resent the flirty nature of Sagittarius with the opposite sex. Taurus would like to keep Sagittarius under their control, but they wont succeed much and this could lead to many bickering and tensions.

Overall the life wont have many dull moments in this relationship. Both share serious approach towards life , which is both uncomplicated and very to the point.

Capricorns are not very romantic so the romance may lack in this relationship, but this would be more than taken care of in the bed and the sexual union between the two is going to be good for both of them. They share the same passions, ambitions in life and it wont be surprising that they might like their common friends also.

They both love making money and hoarding on money and good things in life. Taurus could find the secretive approach of Capricorns a bit too odd at times, but they need to overlook the same and make a few adjustments. Capricorns have a very dry sense of humor which surprisingly would be loved by Taurus.

Taurus Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Relationships & More

Capricorns are loyal partners which would please Taurus no ends up. Long term longevity of this relationship is bright and over all a good match. Neither one of them is going to like each other much.

Taurus is old fashioned, conservative and very deliberate, while Aquarius is full of innovations , very unconventional and full of new ideas. Taurus is full of lust and passion , but Aquarius is stimulated with mental intelligence so their love making could not be of the same level and they might not click in bed on same level and plane. Taurus is homely and wont like to go out every day or frequently , while Aquarius love to go out and operate and spread their wings out in the world. Aquarius are very open and full of expressiveness while Taurus are conservative. Sooner or later the possessiveness of the Taurus could stifle the Aquarius and their relationship will end.

Click here for a more personalised reading. You are one of the hardest working signs and a great asset at the work place as you are loyal, organised and committed. But today, the Moon in Aquarius will, have you worked up about some pending tasks that could have come in at the last minute. Student Taurus can be worried about the vast syllabus that they had not envisaged.

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Do not panic, Taurus. You simply have to let go of your laziness for the time being and re-organise your schedule to include the new workload.

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Your ambition will make sure you perform well. Wear blue for good luck. The Moon in Aquarius is giving you an indication today, that things are not looking too rosy on the health front, with your parents or some elderly relative. You can make out in the way they are behaving, but they are refraining from talking about it. Be assertive with them, where their health is concerned, as the elders typically, do not want to burden the youngsters with their problems. Take an appointment with the family doctor, so that they are comfortable with a known face, and watch how quickly they download their aches and pains.

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Wearing something in white will bring you peace, suggest Astroyogi astrologers. You may find love in a most unexpected place today, coming from a long-s Read More Someone is quite jealous of you; just take it in stride. Success often b Read More Setbacks in business cannot be ruled out; your challenge is to rise abov Read More Today promises a bloom in your health as you recover from prolonged illn Read More Taurus, you are as solid as a rock, and some may even say that you are t Read More Taurus is truly the epitome of the earth goddess signs on the zodiac.

Yo Read More You are a hardworking individual who will happily spend endless hours on Read More Boy :The Taurus lad is big, powerfully built and obstinate. While he may Read More Each expert featured here is verified by our team for authenticity and expertise.

indian astrology taurus woman Indian astrology taurus woman
indian astrology taurus woman Indian astrology taurus woman
indian astrology taurus woman Indian astrology taurus woman
indian astrology taurus woman Indian astrology taurus woman
indian astrology taurus woman Indian astrology taurus woman

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