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Either way, the effect is enchanting! Curious Gemini wants to know a little bit about everything and everyone. Keywords for Gemini include "charming," "inquisitive," and "versatile. Women with Venus in Gemini can be totally entranced with a certain style or person!

LEO 🌙 STYLE (Magha, Purva Phalguni, & Uttara Phalguni Nakshatras)

And lots of glittery accents, too! Doubling up on fashion elements can be particularly fetching! And a fresh flower adds extra charm! Like the crab, Cancer often moves in a sideways direction. Women with Venus in Cancer are more likely to sidle up to someone they like, testing the waters, rather than make a direct approach.

Upswept hair adds just the right touch of glamour! Sexy chokers or multiple necklaces add extra allure! Upswept hair, and pearls or other understated jewelry, complete an elegant look!

Aesthetic Rising: Your Astrological Fashion Forecast Featuring Leo

Famous women with this combination include: Cameron Diaz; and Rachel Welch. Like the Sun, Leo radiates warmth and light, naturally gathering admirers. A born performer, Leo easily captivates any audience with a dazzling show. And they appreciate those who treat them in the same grand style!

But the key to a really stunning presentation is hair either tousled or in a half-updo to show off her glorious mane! Solid, jewel-toned colors add real star quality!

And lavish, wavy curls are the crowning touch! Even a tiara would not be overkill! It is the epitome of feminine wisdom and sacred service.

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Virgo is often portrayed as a young woman holding a shaft of wheat to represent the fall harvest, and the process of separating the wheat from the chaff. Women with Venus in Virgo are highly selective about who they like. Once they choose someone as a friend or lover, though, they will move heaven and earth to help that person reach any goal! Fine quality and good value counts.

Leave it to these ladies to find the best deals on Prada in town! Purity of style is also in order, clean lines and solid colors. Clean lines and vibrant solid colors in fine silk or satin create a stunning look! In Libra, Venus reaches out to connect with others. Women with Venus in Libra are often the peace-makers in relationships. With tresses curled and only partially pulled back we see a vision of beauty and grace! Satiny, ballet slipper style shoes are a perfect match! The key to creating a stunning illusion is the eyes; play them up with black mascara and charcoal shadow.

What kind of person is a Leo?

Scorpio dislikes change, but when push really comes to shove it can walk away without looking back! This approach can be perceived as either enigmatic and intriguing, or else obscure and puzzling! Golden strappy sandals, either flat or heeled, complete the look!

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Famous women with this combination include: Avril Lavigne; and Ashlee Simpson. Best to go easy on the frills, though; double-Scorpions are too intense for that! And his jovial ruling planet gives him confidence that he will find what he seeks! Women with Venus in Sagittarius seldom hold back in telling friends and loved ones what they think.

And they can feel hurt if their opinions are not met with appreciative respect. Long, layered hair keeps the look ultra-feminine! Get cozy with your Mars sign. You can also totally dress for the gym in your Mars, which is how we assert our energy. Think pantsuits, black lace, button down shirts. Oftentimes, our Midheaven is connected to the tenth house of fame and honors. It flavors our career. I have my midheaven in Leo, which means I am a natural thespian I pursued acting for the first 25 years of my life. And from this place of fullness, your style, like the perfect outfit, can come together seamlessly.

Kimberly is available for personal style consultations via starsignstyle. Need more Venus inspiration?

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  6. Search for:. In her latest Temple of Venus column, Elyssa Jakim shares how to magnetize your star quality by dressing for your birth chart… Dressing in red for my Aries Sun sign Personal style— that Venus-ruled, ever-elusive, je ne sais quoi that some people seem to exude and others find totally elusive. Kimberly also pointed out that I kind of look like a lion, hello Leo Midheaven! Elyssa Jakim.

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    leo fashion astrology Leo fashion astrology
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